Tiffany Nanchin

  • Partner & COO

Tiffany Nanchin

Sweetgrass Equestrian Partner & COO

Tiffany Nanchin is from Sault Ste Marie and with the support of her amazing parents and brother David, started on her horse journey at the age of 3 with her first pony Queenie. She instantly fell in love and never looked back. Always knowing she wanted to study and learn about horses and make their lives better.

Tiffany started formal lessons at age 10 with her horse Tiara and began working in show barns as well as keeping her own horses at home all through high school. After moving to Wellesley at 18 (bringing her horse Solo-now 21 from Sault Ste Marie, who she credits Buck Brannaman for teaching her enough to stay alive with this horse who had been troubled) with her she was granted many incredible riding training and high quality management roles in a wide variety of disciplines, breeds and also led her into working with breeding operations, training and starting young horses as well as training stallions. She was chosen for a few hand picked apprenticeships with leading trainers where she gained enough experience and expertise to build a career professionally training horses.

Tiffany has experience in western vaquero traditions, classical dressage, roping, jumping and shares in Jeff’s passion with her mares Dolly and Rosebud for foxhunting. She believes good horsemanship is good horsemanship regardless of the discipline you’re riding. She enjoys different aspects from all disciplines.

Tiffany is using her diverse experience to develop a small breeding program at Sweetgrass Equestrian with many exciting upcoming breedings and she now focuses on the training and development of Jeff and her personal horses as well as working very hands on with the rest of management to keep the day to day operations of the facility running smoothly. Tiffany is grateful for the wonderful opportunities which have led her to where she is now and
also can’t wait for what the future holds.